Selayang Mall – Changing The Advertising Landscape with AMG’s LIFT-UP Projectors

Asia Media Group Berhad (AMG) is proud to be entering a partnership with Amanahraya-Kenedix Reit Manager Sdn Bhd, of which the partnership entails having 5 units of LIFT-UP Projectors to be installed in the elevators in Selayang Mall, a shopping complex under the care of the said Company.

Situated strategically at the intersection of Selayang, Kepong and Batu Caves, Selayang Mall, a popular shopping and leisure destination has been serving the neighbourhood faithfully since 1995. For more than 2 decades, the Mall has never failed to transform according to the tide of change so as to suit the shopping and leisure needs of the local community. This year, the management has taken a bold lead to be the first ever shopping mall to infuse some magic into their elevators – through the installation and ignition of AMG’s LIFT-UP Projectors.

LIFT-UP is backed by over 5 years of R&D in both hardware and software. The elevator projection advertising system has benefited thousands of clients overseas. More than 80% of the clientele is made up of government agencies, real estate, hotels, hospitals, etc., covering over 20,000 installations across 33 provinces in China, together with the European and North American markets. Making its debut in Malaysia, LIFT-UP is powered by the latest digital light processing (DLP) chipset technology by Texas Instruments, Android Smart Operating System, and the LTE-4G internet connectivity. Thanks to features like the remote management of program content, auto on & off at certain designated times, and smart cloud admin & control, operating the system is as easy as a snap of the fingers.

The collaboration will see both parties working closely in the next 4 years, redefining the advertising landscape for the shopping complex with a breakthrough audiovisual experience for its visitors. With an average of over 3000 visitors on a daily basis, LIFT-UP projector advertising offers a convenient platform for tenants and other merchants to reach out to their target audience in a captive environment. Property owner Amanahraya-Kenedix Reit Manager Sdn Bhd may look forward to generating additional revenue of over RM20,000* through the projection advertising, as part of what the partnership agreement encompasses.

LIFT-UP @Selayang Mall is now open for advertiser enquiries and enrolments. For more information, contact Asia Media Group Berhad at [email protected]
* Projected based on 50% Ads take-up rate for the 5 units of LIFT-UP projectors.