AMG’s LIFT-UP Projector Making Its Debut in Mitsubishi Building

What kind of sparks would be created when the giant of elevators meets cutting-edge technology? The answer is found in the collaboration between Asia Media Group Berhad (AMGB) and Mitsubishi Elevators Malaysia.

AMGB is a branding and marketing agency evolved from a previous establishment set up in 2007 with founding history of Transit TV Network in broadcasting, digital electronic displays including billboard advertising, infotainment and other services such as program sponsorships and video advertising.

Today, being a brand-new entity with enlarged offerings, AMGB aims to deliver the best results for SME and corporate clients through personalized business strategies, together with holistic solutions to boost and optimize business performance. One of the “uplifting” initiatives the Company has embarked on to facilitate a strong come-back is none other than it’s LIFT-UP Project – a elevator projection advertising system that is achieved by leveraging on cutting edge technology in projector and sensing technologies.

With AMGB’s vision to accelerating growth, profitability and sustainability together with our Business Partners in a globally connected marketplace, AMGB has recently sealed a collaboration partnership deal with Mitsubishi Elevators Malaysia, making Mitsubishi the first elevator service provider in Malaysia to wow the elevator users with state-of-art visual experience, turning the elevator space into an infotainment cube.

LIFT-UP is backed by over 5 years of R&D in both hardware and software. The elevator projection advertising system has benefited thousands of clients overseas. More than 80% of the clientele is made up of government agencies, real estate, hotels, hospitals, etc., covering over 20,000 installations across 33 provinces in China, together with the European and North American markets. Making its debut in Malaysia, LIFT-UP works on the latest digital light processing (DLP) technology chip by Texas Instruments, Android Smart Operating System with the support of LTE-4G internet connectivity. With features like remote management of program content, auto start & off at designated time, and smart Cloud admin & control, operating the system is as easy as a snap of the fingers.

AMGB has officially installed the first unit of LIFT-UP Projector at the Mitsubishi Building alongside Jalan Penchala, Petaling Jaya, with the consent and blessings from Mitsubishi. The installation process, which takes only 2 hours including tapping power supply from the power source, does not affect anything in the elevator (no holes and screws are required), and can be safely removed with special material leaving no unpleasant residue.  

LIFT-UP is expected to bring a minimum of over RM7000 worth of additional revenue to the building management for each building installed with one unit of LIFT-UP Projector*. With a total of 9,200 units of elevators all over Malaysia and Brunei under the care of Mitsubishi, AMGB is expected to gradually offer LIFE-UP services to all the existing Mitsubishi clientele, helping them to generate new revenue, and uplift the image of the building.

Together, AMGB and Mitsubishi join forces to turn every stare into profit, optimizing the benefits that their clients are already enjoying!